Art Therapy

When looking at the definition of art therapy, many wonder still what it exactly entails and what it does for a person. Art therapy in short is expressive using creativity in improving an individual’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Using creative processes in artistic expressions help significantly to help individuals to manage feelings and behaviors, improve awareness, self-esteem, and significantly reduce stress. Now people think you need to be artistic or an artist to receive or reap the benefits of art therapy, but that is not true. Professionals work with people in diving into underlying messages that the person communicate through art, through which the healing process can begin.

Art therapy means different things to different individuals as it is used by therapists for psychotherapy, rehabilitation, treatment, healing and looking at it as a whole massage an individual’s inner-self in understanding him or herself deeper. When looking at art in a therapeutic way it is excellent for individuals seeking personal development experience challenges or trauma or illness. It allows these individuals to enjoy affirming pleasure of creating any art, enhance cognitive abilities and coping with traumatic experiences and increased awareness of others and oneself.

An art therapist is more than an artist, but received training in both therapy and art and knowledgeable in healing potential of art, artistic and multicultural traditions, spiritual, clinical practice, psychological theories and human development. This therapy is used in research, assessment, treatment, and a therapist work with all age groups, from individuals, communities, groups, families, couples. Individually or as part of team they work in various settings including art retreats, independent practices, open studios, corporate structures, nursing homes, schools, wellness centers, community outreach programs, forensic and medical institutions, rehabilitation and mental health. The therapist is trained to pick up on nonverbal metaphors and symbols that individuals express through creativity and art, many of these concepts that are very often impossible to express in words.

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